3 Ways To Help Winterize Your Home With Professional Pressure Washing

Category: Power Washing

With winter just around the corner, now is the time that most homeowners are going around their homes and making last minute preparations to ensure everything is in order to survive the coming holiday season, both inside and out. Preparing the inside of your home and the outside of your home for winter are two […]

The HOA Sent You A Notice To Paint Your House. Now What?

According to the Community Associations Institute, 63 million Americans live in planned communities governed by a Homeowner’s Association. Maverick Painting has substantial experience repainting HOA homes. It is very common for our company to paint many homes in a subdivision within weeks of each other. HOA board members inspect each home to make sure that […]

Tips and Ideas for Exterior Wood Staining & Refinishing in San Diego

Category: Wood Refinishing

The salty sea air, moisture, heat, and sunlight in the San Diego climate dries and scours wood continually, so it’s important that it is well-sealed. Decks, doors, windows, siding, garages, and other wood surfaces need to be stained and refinished more regularly here than in other climates. San Diego wood staining and refinishing services are […]

16 Ways Paint Can Help Sell Your House

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Potential Buyers are looking for a clean, structurally sound home they can put their stamp on. Painting your home prior to putting it on the market is an investment that will greatly pay off. How to make a memorable 1st Impression OUTSIDE 1. Powerwash Whether its rooftops, siding, sidewalks, patios, driveways, or garage floors, your […]

How to Give Your Home a “Fixer Upper” Makeover with Paint

WWJD – What Would Joanna Do? A new decorating style has taken over as the most in demand design. This phenomenon can be attributed to one person, Joanna Gaines. Her show Fixer Upper is HGTV’s highest rated program. Joanna’s design technique takes shabby chic and trash to treasure to a whole new level by turning […]

Maverick Painting’s Truck Displays Patriotism and American Values

Category: Company

By now, San Diego locals have spotted Maverick Painting’s newest truck design around town. It’s hard not to notice the riveted bomber style metal or the blazing American flag. The message conveyed by the truck reflects Maverick Painting’s grass roots principals and patriotism. Maverick Painting upholds the values of previous generations of American business owners. […]

Holiday One Day Painting

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Shopping isn’t the only thing that can stress you out during the holidays. House guests can create anxiety as well as happiness during the holidays. When family and friends stay in our homes during the holidays we always want to make a good impression and make our guests feel comfortable and welcome. By doing a […]

How to paint a distressed front door

Recently a homeowner in Cardiff by the Sea asked me to paint her beautiful, old, oak front door green. When she showed me the sample color she wanted to use I was mortified. Normally I don’t give my opinion about my client’s color choices but this time I had to speak up. This home we […]

Bring on the Bling – How to Paint Glitter Walls

Working with glitter wall paint with interior design applications has become popular today as the glitter paint has gotten better through new technologies. Besides being used as a novelty in a dorm room, or in a child’s playroom, there are plenty of different opportunities to design great looking living spaces with the use of glitter wall […]

Exterior Painting in Coastal Climates – What it Takes to Get the Job Done

What people who are not from this area often do not realize is that home ownership in coastal climates comes with its own unique set of challenges. Living in the San Diego area is definitely rewarding, but does not come without some hurdles that may not be experienced in other parts of the country. Take, […]

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