Simple Makeovers Using Only Paint

Decorating styles change quickly. It could cost a fortune trying to keep up with the latest trends.

Rather than replace dated fixtures and doors, try these quick fixes using only paint.

Cover dated backsplash with plastic tiles

Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting

Paint Over Brass Fixtures and Trim

Nothing says 80’s more than brass trim. By painting over these areas with a nickel or black finish you can bring your home to it’s current time period.
Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting

Front Door = First Impressions

Don’t let your front door give your guests a bad first impression. A fresh coat of paint welcomes visitors and sets the tone for the rest of your home.
Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting

Paint Ceilings

Maverick Painting calls the ceiling the 5th wall. This area is often neglected. Why not include the ceiling in the decorating scheme? Selecting a color other than basic white draws attention upwards, creating the illusion of a larger room.
Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting

Paint Paneling

Do your paneled walls make your home feel like a log cabin?

Painting your wooden walls will easily fix the problem of your home looking like an episode of That 70’s Show.
Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting

Paint Window Trim

Natural wood trim implies the feeling of a traditional home. Painting this trim bright white against a modern, fresh color immediately updates and revitalizes the space.
Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting

Give your Brick a Break

Fireplaces are the focal point of the room. Is your tired, dirty brick an eyesore? Replacing your fireplace’s surrounding stonework can cost a fortune. Painting the stone a crisp color can either blend the brick with surrounding surfaces or make it pop out depending on your color selection. All though it may be scary painting over the original brick, this process is the solution to your home’s old fashioned, problem.
Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting
Makeovers with Paint - Maverick Painting

If you are short on time and funds painting accent areas and trim surfaces can easily make your home look brand new again. Simply updating your home with current color trends can give your place a facelift with limited effort and cash.

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