Can Someone Really Paint Your Encinitas House in 1 Day?

Is it too Good to be True?

Yes it is.

Recently, someone purchased a franchise painting company in the San Diego area. They promise that they can paint your entire house in 1 day. This particular company is based outside of the United States. Prior to painting houses, this company hauled junk. What does a foreign junk business know about paint? My guess is, not a lot.

According to their website absolutely no painting experience is needed. It Statedquote1

So, they instruct someone who knows nothing about painting to hire painters? How would they know if this person they hire has any skills, since they have nothing to compare to?

Upon further research we discovered this franchise owner doesn’t have a contractor’s license or workman’s compensation.

By hiring this company you are agreeing to pay someone with no experience, contractor’s license or workman’s comp. If they destroy your home or get injured on the job, the homeowner is 100% liable for those expenses. Why would any homeowner take that large of a risk while there are so many local painters with 20 years experience, plus all licenses, bonds, and insurance required to work in California?

I heard that this company has cheap rates. That makes sense because their overhead is so low. By not having a license, workman’s compensation, bonding and insurance, they save $1000’s by not paying these fees and dues. If a contractor shows up to your home with 10 workers, but has no workman’s comp, you can assume he is paying undocumented workers under the table and they are not paying taxes either.

How can they promise to paint a house in one day?

Their motto is ~

Can you really paint a home in one day?

Absolutely! If one painter can complete a room in one day, why can’t 10 painters complete a home?

Ever heard the term “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth”?

By having so many workers focusing on speed, quality and finesse are lost.

Anyone can quickly slap on a coat of paint but it takes an experienced craftsman to apply a high grade finish that will last.

Reasons why you can’t paint a house in one day

  • Set up/prep time
  • Furniture movement and protection
  • Masking
  • Floor and window protection
  • A skilled painter will always prime the surface and apply 2 finish coats. Drying time between coats is at least one hour
  • Cure times ~ some paint products need time to harden and cure
  • Clean lines ~ when applying different paint colors, a clean, dry edge are needed. If you don’t allow proper drying time, when you pull off the tape, the paint will come with it. Edges of separate colors need to dry or the paints will blend
  • Drywall and stucco patches need to be thoroughly dry before paint can be applied
  • When painting cabinets the doors and hardware will need to be removed and a spray booth will need to be constructed

The promise of a 1 day paint job is a marketing ploy just to get their foot in the door. Their presentation will always include the clause that unforeseen circumstances will cause the price and timeframe to increase. You can almost guarantee there will always be “unforeseen circumstances.”

Your home is your biggest investment. Saving a few bucks by hiring a cheap, fast contractor may end up costing more in the long run. Before hiring any contractor, do your research first.

  • Check the status of their license by going to the CSLB website @
  • Get references
  • Ask to see photos of recent work completed
  • Make sure the contractors estimate is detailed. It should be clear on type of paint products used, number of coats, length of time to complete project
  • Get a separate, written proposal, contract and invoice
  • A good San Diego painting contractor should stand by his work with a written warranty
  • There should be a foreman present on the jobsite who can communicate effectively, answer any questions and resolve any issues immediately

Above all, remember, trust your instincts. You should feel comfortable with the people in your home. A true professional will take the time needed to transform your home with pride.maverick-family

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