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Stucco siding happens to a popular choice for houses and buildings nowadays, especially when it comes to Spanish-Mission style and Tuscan style ones. In fact, a lot of houses all over America use stucco inside and outside of their houses nowadays, so those who plan on building a new house might take this type of siding into consideration.

There are many reasons why stucco siding should be used on homes. It looks attractive when placed either inside or outside of a house and it can be designed to suit anyone’s personal preferences. It is also possible to hire San Diego professional painting contractors to help come up with designs and make the home more rustic-looking, if preferred. Many luxury houses also use stucco, since it makes the outside walls look more textured and distinct.

Although this type of siding is most commonly used on Spanish and Tuscan style houses, it can also be applied to other different architectural styles. Regardless of the type, professional painting contractors should always be used to refresh the painted surface. Since stucco comes with a lot of rules in evenly spraying, dry back rolling and spreading its paint, hiring professional painters will ensure that the job is done properly.

San Diego stucco also happens to be cheaper than various other siding materials. It tends to last much longer compared to more expensive materials, as well. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance unlike houses and buildings that have aluminum or wood surfaces. There is no need for regular maintenance or repairs. Provided it is applied the right way, stucco can last for years. A fresh coating of paint every five to eight years makes it last even longer. When the homeowner is ready for a change in color, or the surface needs to be brightened up and refreshed, it can be repainted. The trim can be painted in a coordinating or contrasting color, depending on the homeowner’s personal style.

It also helps that stucco can withstand harsh weather conditions and thus protects the house or building from strong rain and winds. Since it is also fire-resistant, it protects the house or building from other types of damage.

Probably the most notable characteristic of this type of siding would be its overall durability, though. As mentioned earlier, it can actually last for a century if applied the right way. Remember, though: the siding has to be applied by a professional; otherwise, it might just end up being a waste of time and money.

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