16 Ways Paint Can Help Sell Your House

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Potential Buyers are looking for a clean, structurally sound home they can put their stamp on. Painting your home prior to putting it on the market is an investment that will greatly pay off.

How to make a memorable 1st Impression


1. Powerwash

Whether its rooftops, siding, sidewalks, patios, driveways, or garage floors, your home gets grimy and dirty which only makes a home look dull and weathered before its time.

2. Add curb appeal with unique details by adding or repainting shutters and window boxes.


3. Paint your front door a bright color to welcome in potential buyers

4. Repaint your mailbox a cheery color

5. Paint your utility box to blend into the house

6. Paint or stain your garage

7. Paint your fence

8. Re-stain your deck A worn faded wood deck may make people think has seen its last days, but in fact there’s many more years of life left in it. A fresh stain will add entertaining space and increase value especially in San Diego

Avoid Red Flags
A few small items can signal costly problems to buyers. Simple fixes with paint will eliminate unwarranted fears

9. Water damage ~ Ceiling stains from leaks can be covered with primer and paint

10. While you’re up there, why not paint the ceiling a fresh, fashionable color

11. Remove and cover mold with a bleach solution, cover stain and paint

12. Remove pet and smoke odors by sealing drywall with cover stain. A fragrance paint additive made by Glade adds a fresh scent to the entire home

13. Update your Stairs
Painting spindles, banisters and even threads can breathe new life into a usually ignored area of your home

Simple Updates Using Paint

It’s been said that kitchens and baths sell (or not sell) a home

14. Paint fixtures

Nothing screams 1980’s like brass faucets and knobs. These can be easily transformed with metallic spray paint. These versatile paints come in an array of finishes

15. Paint Cabinets
Outdated finishes can make buyers think they need to pay for an expensive renovation to update a kitchen. By painting cabinets a current color buyers won’t hesitate putting in an offer

16. Repaint the bathroom ~ most buyers are looking for a bathroom with a spa-like feel. Potential buyers can easily picture themselves relaxing there at the end of each day when the bathroom is a soothing shade.

Now that your home has been freshened and updated, consider hiring a professional stager to decorate your home. Staged homes sell for 6% more and 95% sell within 11 days according to the National Association of Realtors

Buyers are looking for a home that is a blank canvas that doesn’t have a lot of damage. Before listing your home, consider completing minor repairs and painting a neutral color scheme. Your house just may yield top dollar in a short amount of time.

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