Our San Diego Painting Contractor Services - Maverick Painting

Maverick Painting is the exclusive San Diego painting contractor company for several renovation and construction companies and many real estate professionals in the area. Plus, Maverick Painting meets all qualifications needed to work for San Diego HOA's.

We offer both commercial and residential painting services for interior and exterior projects. We'd love the opportunity to serve your painting needs as well!

When you choose to work with our painting professionals at Maverick Painting, you'll receive a clear proposal which details the work with precise objectives to complete the project quickly and efficiently.

We accomplish our goal to achieve superior customer service by giving you the best in workmanship along with durable, quality painting materials. We'll always strive to communicate with you throughout the process to ensure the project results in the best quality of work we know you expect and deserve.

Residential Painting

San Diego Painting Contractor - Residential PaintingAre you a residential homeowner who need their home or investment properties painted? This is the time of year, our San Diego friends and neighbors, when it's great to get started on your home improvement projects like repainting your home. Take a good look at the home's exterior and interior, and then give our trusted professional residential painting contractors a call for your free, firm quote!

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Commercial Painting

San Diego Commercial PaintingCommercial Painting projects are our specialty here at Maverick Painting. As the area's foremost commercial painting contractors, our team of experienced painters can provide you with the professional results you expect. We cater to your every need, knowing you have safety concerns, time issues, and much more as a business owner. Trust us to deliver you the best in services every time and you'll come to understand why so many prominent commercial property owners in the area call us when they need any of our professional painting services.

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Interior Painting

San Diego Interior PaintingThe interior of your home or business needs to look great. If you're a homeowner, brightening up the interior of your home will do a lot to create some excitement and a little newness to your life. Change can really be great, especially when you're changing your interior environment. Repainting the inside of your home does a lot to lift your mood and enhance the quality of life you and your family live. Give us a call and we'll help you pick out some colors you'll love!

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1 Day Painting

San Diego 1 Day PaintingMany times you need a painting project completed within one day's time without any compromise on quality of work. While not every project can be completed in one day, many can when the painting company has enough team members. We're fully equipped and staffed to offer you the same quality work whether it's a one day painting service or a full week's worth of painting for a commercial or residential property.

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Exterior Painting

San Diego Exterior PaintingAre you considering painting your home's exterior this year? It's time to spruce up your exterior with a great new paint job from our professional residential and commercial painting contractors! We're ready to get going on making your home or business property much improved with a fresh paint job. Any time of year is the right time of year to get it done! Let us help your property to be more valuable, better protected, and fabulously beautiful again!

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

San Diego Popcorn Ceiling RemovalPopcorn Ceiling Removal is something to consider if you're doing an update for your home or office space. It's also a good idea to remove this texture if it's starting to peel off due to humidity factors. We can remove the popcorn ceiling texture from your home or business property and repaint or offer you a better, more in-style texture option to go underneath the protective coat of paint we'll be applying after the removal.

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Stucco Repair

San Diego Stucco RepairStucco Repairs take the skill and finesse of our stucco repair specialists at Maverick Painting. We have all the experience we need to handle all your stucco repairs whether the project is large or small. We have plenty of skill matching stucco patterns and colors so you'll always have a repair made that's professional looking and undetectable. Whether indoors or out, stucco repairs need to be done right away, so don't hesitate to ask for our help!

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Deck Restoration

San Diego Deck RestorationThat ugly, gray looking deck can be brought back to beauty with our deck restoration services. You'll be amazed at how new your deck looks again! Rather than throwing in the towel on your old looking deck, give us a call to find out if it can be restored instead! If it can (and most can), we'll give you a free quote that's firm with no strings attached or hidden fees.

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Power Washing

San Diego Power WashingYou may not need to repaint your exterior. Power washing can often be done instead of painting, and is a great way to clean up the exterior of your property. We do both commercial and residential power washing, most commonly for siding, sidewalks, driveways, or deck surfaces. You'd be surprised how new your surfaces look when we're finished with your power washing service! Eco-friendly products available upon request.

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Wood Refinishing

San Diego Wood RefinishingWhen we work on a project like wood refinishing, we give it all our extensive experience and skill to ensure your wood looks beautiful. Wood has a special way it needs to be treated, and true painting professionals know all about how to handle wood. For the best in wood refinishing, trust our professionals at Maverick Painting and your wood surfaces will glow with shine and beauty once again. Whether indoors or out, we can help you with all your commercial or residential wood refinishing needs!

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If you are looking for San Diego Painting Contractor Services, please call 760-274-3373 or complete our online request form.