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Del Mar, CA

Are you looking for a professional Del Mar painting contractor today? If so, you'll be glad to know about our family owned painting company that's available to you locally. We're family owned, which means you get a service company that's concerned with every project and giving the customer complete satisfaction.

But we're also a successful commercial and residential painting contractor company of professional painters who can handle both large and small projects. With Maverick Painting, you get the focus and one-on-one attention of a family owned company with the benefits that only a large company can offer, like one day painting services where we send out a team of professional painters/contractors for your project.

Updating your home can been a simple as changing your homes decor with paint. Home improvement doesn't always mean tear down and build back. It can often be accomplished with the right selection of quality paint. Re-painting will also keep important surfaces protected for a long time. We can help you take your dreary, worn out paint on the interior or exterior of your home or commercial property and dress it up again with your choices in beautiful, rich color.

Del Mar Interior Painting

No other home improvement project can make such a huge difference at such a low cost. Painting is much less costly compared to other projects which also make big differences to the property you're wanting to improve. Plus interior painting always gives you a great feeling, lifting the mood of the space for you and your family to enjoy.

Del Mar Exterior Painting

Exterior painting during cool Fall days is comfortable for most experienced painting contractors and allows for proper curing during the lower overnight temperatures. We paint year round, so the time of year only matters for the weather of the day or amount of time it takes for yours to dry with humidity factors present.

In fact, if you take a look at the label, paint can dry when it's down to 35 degrees, so there's no problem with painting when it's cold out. Here in our area of the country, we have plenty of great days during all seasons, so don't let the time of year make you hesitate, let's get your project done! Plus, if you're very concerned and need one day painting service, we offer you this service for many projects.

Reviews and Testimonials

We had Maverick Painting paint our house in January 2014. Overall, I am highly satisfied. The owner, Jamie, came every day to our house when his crew was working, personally buying and dropping off the materials. This was key in our getting the correct color on our house. The color which I ordered ended up being too light. Based on conversations between Jamie and myself, he realized this. He and I went to the paint store together and were able to convert the paint from the color I ordered to the color that I really wanted. If it were any other contractor my house would be a color that I really didn't want. Overall, my house looks great, the crew is courteous, the price was less expensive than other bids, and Jamie paid attention to details resulting in my getting exactly what I wanted.

- Kelly F. | Del Mar, CA |

This company is extremely professional; they arrived on schedule everyday and finished on schedule. The work area was left nice and clean without debris and with a thorough vacuum. The job quality is incredible; I have had several visitors who cannot believe the transformation. Every tiny detail was paid attention to. I am planning to use again and have already referred on to my friends. Thank you Maverick Painting - you are the best!

- Carrie P. | Del Mar, CA |

If you are looking for a Del Mar painting contractor, please call 760-274-3373 or complete our online request form.