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La Jolla, CA

If you live or own commercial property in La Jolla, you know how important it is to keep the exterior of our building protected from the 24/7/365 day scouring of sand, wind, and salt in the air. It doesn't take long for a surface to get dull looking and need a good power washing or repainting and resealing service.

Many homeowners and commercial property owners in La Jolla count on our professional services to keep their properties looking great. We're always ready to help with any of your painting projects, but also offer a wide range of other services including power washing, popcorn ceiling removal, wood refinishing, deck refinishing, and so much more.

La Jolla Exterior Painting

At Maverick Painting, our focus is always on giving our customers the best, with complete satisfaction. One way in which we ensure we're adhering to this practice is by paying careful attention to detail in all our services. We know there's a right way and wrong way to accomplish everything. And in painting, the only right way to paint is to properly prepare surfaces first. Here are a few things you can expect when with our expert La Jolla painting contractors:

  1. All outdoor furniture is removed and covered as needed as well as hanging plants and such.
  2. Your homes landscaping is pre-wet before/during/after the soft-washing process. At this time all algae, mold, mildew,dirt,pollutants and grease is removed to insure a sound surface to paint. As about our upgrades to clean your exterior gutters/concrete/deck and dock restoration.
  3. Any landscaping will be covered with poly-plastic as well as fixtures during the painting process.
  4. Any loose paint will be lightly scraped and feather sanded. Any areas needing primer will be performed using Interior/Exterior Multi-Purpose Primer.
  5. Any wood needing repair covered in the contract specifically will be replaced.
  6. All areas of failed caulking as well as new wood will be re-caulked
  7. Two coats of exterior satin or semi-gloss will be applied using brush/roll/spray technique.
  8. All areas painted will be inspected by homeowner.
  9. All areas will be put back in original order as well as any debris cleaned up. All areas will also be cleaned up daily as well as any needed equipment in an area designated by the homeowner.
  10. All remaining paint will be labeled and left for future homeowner use.

Reviews and Testimonials

Maverick Painting did an amazing job on the outside of my house. They were able to squeeze me in and give my house a new look just days before the busy holiday season. Jamie was a pleasure to work with and everything went very smoothly from the initial quote to the last touch up. Neighbors knock on my door and comment on the great work.

- Darlene M. | La Jolla, CA |

These guys are fantastic. This was a tricky job, because the wooden / fence is made up of 2-3" wooden slats with about an inch in between each of them. It's a large surface too - running all the way around the wall surrounding my pool area (about 10ft high and a good 100ft long). They sanded the entire front of it with a power sander and then manually sanded in between each slat. They then stained all the surfaces with waterproofing stain, perfectly matching the original color. They also bleached out a few spots where there were some pretty bad black spots on the wood due to lack of proper upkeep (woops). Job took about 4 days with two guys working constantly through the process. Did an exceptional job, were professional, got my input on the color matching, showed up when they said they would - overall couldn't have asked for more. We would definitely recommend Jamie and Maverick Painting.

- Shellie Fasbinder | La Jolla, CA |

If you are looking for a La Jolla painting contractor, please call 760-274-3373 or complete our online request form.