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Bring on the Bling – How to Paint Glitter Walls

Bring on the Bling – How to Paint Glitter Walls

Working with glitter wall paint with interior design applications has become popular today as the glitter paint has gotten better through new technologies. Besides being used as a novelty in a dorm room, or in a child’s playroom, there are plenty of different opportunities to design great looking living spaces with the use of glitter wall paint. If you are currently stuck as to ideas that you can use to revitalize your own home, here are some design tips for using glitter wall paint.

Glitter wall paint can definitely spice up a room and turn it into something special. Glitter wall paint is available in a range of different colors and shades. You can find wall paint with glitter, decorative glitter wall paint, as well as creative glitter wall paint among other products. A good wall paint needs to be appropriate for your surface as well as your style.

Glitter paint is something which you probably wouldn’t go ahead and paint your entire house in. Instead, this type of paint is ideal if you want to paint stencils on the wall and add a little flair, or at the most paint one small wall in, or perhaps a ceiling. But really, glitter paint is best suited to be part of motives and pictures which you wish to put up on your wall, not drench your all the walls in. If you do it carefully, then glitter paint can be so much fun. If you want to set up a young girl’s room or if you just want a different experience, then glitter wall paint can certainly be the way to go.

These simple, design ideas can be completed quickly. Maverick Painting of San Diego offers One Day Painting services. For a flat fee, Maverick Painting’s craftsman can transform a dull space into a unique focal point.

Use as Border

If you think that the glitter wall paint may be too much for your room, you can make up for this by using the paint as a border. Instead of trying to paste a wallpaper border on your wall, you can paint some glitter paint in its place. Use some painter’s tape for the outline of your border and paint away.

Use to Highlight Nooks

There are plenty of areas in your home where glitter wall paint will look good as an accent. One of these places is around the borders of nooks within your home. These little built in areas that house art, books, mirrors or other decorative elements can have a little more decorative touch when there is glitter paint applied to it. You can use the paint as an accent border, or as a backdrop to the pieces you have in the nook.

Add Luxury to Formal

One of the more elegant uses of glitter wall paint is in to bring some luxury to a formal setting. This is usually found in a formal dining area that is set off from the regular living space. A medium color that is infused with glitter will look great alongside some elegant furniture, flooring and lighting elements. You can do the entire room with the glitter wall paint or just one wall where the light will play off the glitter.

Paint additives can be added to any paint. Use only the glitter that is made for paint, not craft glitter as it will not stay on the surface and the paint will actually over-coat it. Lowes carries packets of gold or silver crystals that can be easily mixed to any paint. Choose 1 packet for a subtle glimmer or 2 packets to bring on the bling. Keep your paint stirred at all times so the glitter will remain evenly distributed. Allow the base coat to dry thoroughly – at least 6 hours. Stir the specially formulated glitter into the paint and mix thoroughly. Apply the paint in small 4-foot by 4-foot areas, cutting-in and rolling in sections. Always try to keep a wet edge to work back into and avoid over lapping.

Check out a video of this Lalaloopsy glitter girls room makeover

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