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Exterior Painting in Coastal Climates – What it Takes to Get the Job Done

Exterior Painting in Coastal Climates – What it Takes to Get the Job Done

What people who are not from this area often do not realize is that home ownership in coastal climates comes with its own unique set of challenges. Living in the San Diego area is definitely rewarding, but does not come without some hurdles that may not be experienced in other parts of the country. Take, for instance, the simple act of getting your home painted.

The elements here play a large role in what your home looks like and how it will hold up against the weather and conditions. Simply put, beachfront, seaside, ocean side homes all take quite a beating. However, understanding the difference and having a reputable professional to work with is what will make all of the difference.

Professionalism Makes All the Difference

The bottom line is that it can seem next to impossible to get longevity from an exterior paint job, if you don’t know how to go about doing so. Keep in mind, that even quality paint is meant to be a temporary barrier. In other words, even in different climates, paint is not permanent. It is however supposed to be a long term covering.

No matter where you live, UV rays immediately begin to break down the top layer of paint. However, add to that the fact that there are usually not many trees around for shade and to add natural protection and it only gets worse. Now, add to that the salt water and other elements and it no wonder coastal homes seem to need exterior painting every year.
So how do we get longevity and performance from our paint jobs here at Maverick Painting?

One trick is using acrylic as a top coat. This approach seems to work best when compared to oil-based paints. The end result is a home that still looks good after 5 years as opposed to looking shoddy by the three year mark.
Keep in mind that treated cedar holds up better for trim and siding to the local conditions. Plus, this type of wood holds paint better which makes it easier to get long lasting quality results.

Another key element is to do extra prep work and allow enough time for this additional work. Expecting to treat this type of painting job like the exterior of a home that is more inland is a big mistake. Taking the time to rid the surface of salt already clinging to it is going to make all of the difference.

Finally, make it a point to only work with trained and experienced San Diego Painting Contractors who understand the unique climate here. For the best in the local business market, the name to trust in is Maverick Painting.

If you are looking for a professional exterior painting contractor then please call 760-274-3373 or complete our online request form.