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How to Give Your Home a “Fixer Upper” Makeover with Paint

How to Give Your Home a “Fixer Upper” Makeover with Paint

WWJD – What Would Joanna Do?

A new decorating style has taken over as the most in demand design. This phenomenon can be attributed to one person, Joanna Gaines. Her show Fixer Upper is HGTV’s highest rated program. Joanna’s design technique takes shabby chic and trash to treasure to a whole new level by turning discarded materials into beautiful furniture and décor. Joanna has introduced us all to the world of shiplac and we can’t get enough. Interior Painting can quickly revitalize your space into a modern country home.

Here are 4 ways to transform your home into a Waco farmhouse with paint~

Magnolia Home Paint

You don’t have to guess what paint color is used on her show. Joanna has her own line of paint. If you can’t afford designer paint prices, Sherwin Williams can match the color you fell in love with perfectly.

Painted Paneling

So many homes in the 70’s and 80’s were built with wood paneling. During renovation, most homeowners were tearing off the paneling, usually damaging the drywall underneath. Painting over this dated material instantly mimics shiplac or wainscoting. This simple technique brightens the room with little effort or cost.

Painting Cabinets

Nothing screams 80’s more than oak kitchen cabinets. In the 90’s it seems everyone had pinkish white wash cabinets and in the 2,000’s the trend was heavy dark wood. Most of Joanna’s cabinets are some shade of white. Her renovations have included painting center island cabinets a different color or painting upper and lower cabinets mismatched shades.

Chalk Boards Are for School Houses and Farmhouses Too

Joanna usually finds a way to incorporate a chalk board somewhere in each home. Chalk boards are great in kitchens, laundry rooms, craft rooms, home offices and mud rooms. Chalk board paint can be found in home improvement warehouses, paint stores and craft stores. This paint can be applied directly to the wall, on a piece of wood surrounded by an antique frame, a tabletop or even on a cabinet door.

The painting portion of these projects is the easy part. With all painting projects the preparation is the most important part. Sanding, caulking and priming is vital to insure proper coverage and adhesion.

Renovating your home to look like a modern farmhouse looks easy on TV, however, the process can be messy and time consuming. Some are up to the challenge of this DIY project while others prefer to hire a licensed painting contractor to do the job for them. Either way, this creative design style is a great way to modernize your home with a touch of rustic flare.

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