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The HOA Sent You A Notice To Paint Your House. Now What?

The HOA Sent You A Notice To Paint Your House. Now What?

According to the Community Associations Institute, 63 million Americans live in planned communities governed by a Homeowner’s Association.

Maverick Painting has substantial experience repainting HOA homes. It is very common for our company to paint many homes in a subdivision within weeks of each other. HOA board members inspect each home to make sure that the exterior appearance is up to the community’s standards. If they decide the home is in need of maintenance and new paint they will issue a compliance notice.

Why are Relatively New Homes in Need of Paint and Repairs so Quickly?

A majority of these homes Maverick paints are less than 10 years old. Tract homes are painted with production grade paint which is the lowest quality available. Another reason why paint deteriorates so quickly is because it is put on too soon after stucco is applied. Stucco needs about a week to cure. If PH levels are too high when paint is applied, the chemicals in the paint and stucco will not adhere properly. Cutting corners and rushing vital steps for profit are standard practices for large building developers.

Take the Notice Seriously

Your HOA will give you a timeframe to complete the mandated painting. If you fail to comply within the allotted time, the HOA will impose step fines until the project is finished.

HOAs can place a lien on a home for past due fines as a result of non-compliance.

If the HOA is successful in a lawsuit against a homeowner and has a lien against the home, it could get the right to foreclose on the owner’s home to collect the amount of fines owed. Tax lien’s are another way HOA’s collect past due fines.

Schedule an Estimate with a Professional Painting Contractor

You will want to start the process of getting quotes immediately after receiving a notice from your HOA. The earlier you know what the cost will be the better you will be able to plan the financing of this project. It is recommended that a homeowner get 3 quotes. When comparing the estimates make sure all propose using the same prep, paint and application process. Don’t compare the repaint costs to your neighbors even if you have the same floor plan. Items such as wood rot, cracking, fading and flaking all determine the cost of a repaint project. Some HOA’s have license, insurance and workman’s requirements. A reputable exterior painting company with experience will meet these requirements.

Submit For Paint Approval with Your HOA

Most associations have colors that are pre-approved. They will supply a list of color schemes according to sub divisions. Sherwin Williams has archives full of pre-approved HOA colors and they most likely will have your HOA on the list.

Sherwin Williams Homeowner’s Association Color Archive

However, Maverick Painting has found on many occasions the HOA doesn’t have the colors documented or they have the incorrect color scheme for that floor plan. In that case Maverick will scrape off a piece of stucco or wood to have custom matched by the paint manufacturer.

Most associations approve colors within 30 day or sooner. These times vary based on how often the committee meets and if they have many homes to approve at the same time. It’s a good leave yourself plenty of time before the deadline. Color matching and approvals can be time consuming. Some HOA’s fine a homeowner every day over the allotted time for completing a project.

Breathe Easy. The HOA will leave you Alone Now

Once you have repainted your home with a durable, long lasting paint you shouldn’t receive another notice from your HOA. Professional painting contractors like Maverick Painting use paints that offer a lifetime warranty. Maverick Painting also offers an additional 2 year warranty on labor.

If you are looking for a San Diego Painting Contractor then please call 760-274-3373 or complete our online request form.