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Holiday One Day Painting

Holiday One Day Painting

Shopping isn’t the only thing that can stress you out during the holidays. House guests can create anxiety as well as happiness during the holidays.

When family and friends stay in our homes during the holidays we always want to make a good impression and make our guests feel comfortable and welcome. By doing a few touch ups with paint, you can achieve both goals.

Repaint your Guest Room

Neutral, clean colors will create a relaxed environment for holiday sleepovers. Select a color that coordinates with fresh bed linens.

Repaint the Kitchen/Dining Room

Most holiday gatherings revolve around food. Usually guests spend a lot of time in the kitchen helping prepare meals or keeping the chef company. A freshly painted dining room can add cheer to family meals.

Paint the Front Door

There is no better way to say Welcome then with a brightly colored door. Your guests will love being greeted with an inviting entrance.

Paint the Eaves and Fascia

While hanging your Christmas lights you may discover your exterior trim may need a little TLC. Repairing, replacing or repainting eaves and fascia can give your home an easy facelift and take years off of the age of your home.

Freshen up the Patio/Deck

Winters in San Diego are spectacular. Many of your house guests may be escaping brutal snowy climates. Often we entertain our guests outside during the festive seasons. Touching up the paint on your balconies of your home give you additional locations of your house to celebrate.

All of these ideas are relatively inexpensive and quick ways to spruce up your home for the holidays.

Maverick Painting San Diego offers a 1 Day painting service that can easily turn your home into joyful retreat for your guests.

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