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How To Liven Up Your Commercial Property With Professional Painting

How To Liven Up Your Commercial Property With Painting

Since you own commercial property in the beautiful San Diego, California area, why not liven up the aesthetics with some vibrant paint options? As a coastal property, you can incorporate the vibrant, beautiful natural colors of our area. Here are some ideas for paint choices when you’re planning to have your interior or exterior commercial business professionally painted.

1. Bringing in the sunshine with paint. The colors of the sun range from gorgeous golden, oranges, pinks, yellows, and burnt reds. Adding tasteful pops of complimentary sunshine colors to your color scheme liven up your commercial property and brighten the mood. This adds style and elegance with a modern twist to your business interior and exterior. Your business should attract attention and draw customers in, so liven it up with the colors of the sun!

2. Bring in peaceful sea colors. Along with some pops to brighten and liven your space, choose some complimentary colors of the ocean. The sea is all around us, showcasing natures peace. Adding these color options to your color scheme will set a calm mood for areas where your customers and employees can relax. From aqua marine to bluegreen to emerald, the colors of the sea turn from blues and greens to violets. This is a much loved color scheme for many, so why not make your commercial property attractive with this option? Also remember the sea reflects light so add a little pizzazz and sparkle too with a higher gloss paint or mirrors.

3. Don’t forget to use some natural cream tones such as the color of bamboo or sea grass with your new color scheme when painting. Just be sure the entire plan is NOT monotone, meaning different shades of one color unless it is planned and designed by a professional who can do this right. From creamy sand, white sand, bamboo, and seaside grasses, always add a touch of these earthy, neutral colors to your commercial painting color scheme. They go with just about any other color very well and are great for a backdrop or trim.

4. Painting with contrast is one way to liven and brighten up your commercial space. Whether it’s for a large foyer or mall or a small office waiting room, there needs to be interest in the room. Painting with contrasting colors will draw the eye to certain details, such as painting an accent wall with a gorgeous mirror but having a cream or tan wall with a highlighted art piece. These contrasting elements will give the room contrast.

Any time you need help choosing colors for a commercial painting project and you’re looking for professionals to do the work for you, just give Maverick Painting a call.

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