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HOA Painting Tips In La Costa & Bressi Ranch

HOA Painting Tips In La Costa & Bressi Ranch

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the beaches of Carlsbad, the neighborhoods of Bressi Ranch and La Costa sit nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of San Diego County. Many of the homes in Bressi Ranch and La Costa have HOAs which require the homeowner to get written approval before exterior painting.

If you own a home or condo in one of the many neighborhoods in Bressi Ranch or La Costa, your exterior painting project may be subject to HOA regulations.

It can be a shock to be told what paint colors to stick to if you’re new to HOA painting but there is a reason for their requirements: Nobody wants a hot-pink or neon lime-green house on their street!

Here are a few tips you’ll need to know about HOA painting in La Costa and Bressi Ranch.

Get Your HOA’s Approval

The exterior painting requirements of each neighborhood HOA will differ, so it’s important for you to learn about yours. The first step is to call the HOA property management company that handles the maintenance. You can get their contact information from your monthly bill from the HOA. Here’s what you need to say:

  • Let them know about your painting project and explain what you intend to do.
  • Ask them what the procedures are for the approval process.
  • Ask them how long the approval process takes.
  • Get the website address of the HOA or have them send you the forms you need.
  • Ask them if you need to submit color samples on paper in addition to the names of the paint colors.
  • Find out if you will need to apply the paint sample colors to the house to get their approval.

Be aware it may take a few weeks to get your exterior paint colors approved. The process will probably go faster if you’ve selected colors that are currently on your home, your neighbor’s home, or if they were on the palette of HOA-approved colors.

Get It In Writing

When you’re ready to send the paperwork to your HOA for approval, be sure you have proof that you submitted the form. The best way may be to fill the form out with every detail required, make copies, and then mail the original form with the required paint swatches and list of color choices in a priority mail envelope so you can track the package if necessary.

Find An HOA Painting Contractor Local To Bressi Ranch

No matter how strict or lenient the HOA requirements are, you need an experienced painting contractor who’s local to the area and familiar with the process of HOA painting.

Our professionals at Maverick Painting can help you to ensure your exterior painting job turns out right. We’re very familiar with the local HOAs since we’ve done so much painting work in the Bressi Ranch and La Costa neighborhoods of Carlsbad for so many years. We’ll be able to offer you some good advice to ensure your ducks are in a row before the project ever starts!

If you’re looking for an HOA Painting Contractor in Bressi Ranch or La Costa, please call 760-274-3373 or complete our online request form.