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Tips and Ideas for Exterior Wood Staining & Refinishing in San Diego

Tips and Ideas for Exterior Wood Staining & Refinishing in San Diego

The salty sea air, moisture, heat, and sunlight in the San Diego climate dries and scours wood continually, so it’s important that it is well-sealed. Doors, windows, siding, garages, and other wood surfaces need to be stained and refinished more regularly here than in other climates.

San Diego wood staining and refinishing services are convenient for homeowners who want to keep up the exterior maintenance but don’t want to do it themselves. It can really save a lot of time and effort to have a professional take care of it, and they are able to achieve long-lasting, quality results.

What’s wonderful about refinishing your exterior wood structures is that you have the opportunity to change the color or shade whenever you want. Of course, it’s a part of exterior maintenance that needs to be done, but why not take the opportunity to change the curb appeal once in a while? There are many beautiful stains in different colors and shades that you can choose. Or, you can always paint the wood in any color you like.

Our best advice would be to choose a stain and sealant that is resistant to UV rays. You’ll get years more from your siding, trim, doors, and other exterior wood structures. Here are some more staining & refinishing tips from our expert San Diego painting contractors at Maverick Painting.

Window Staining & Refinishing

Even aluminum windows have wood casing and trim in most cases that can be stained and refinished or painted. Many homeowners have stained wood on the interior of the windows which adds natural qualities to the interior design. Stained or painted, windows should be refinished when the wood looses the luster or the color fades. Remember, the San Diego climate dries it out and wears off the finish much sooner than one would think, so it’s important to keep an eye on the finish.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the caulking around the windows because the sealant also doesn’t last as long as it does in other climates. Humidity is a problem here, which can work it’s way indoors through window cracks. A good, long-lasting quality sealant should be used.

Door Staining & Refinishing

The doors on your home can be stained and refinished to protect the wood and add drama to the curb appeal. The front door needs to stand out so that it’s obvious to visitors and delivery personnel as the main entry to the home. If you have more than one door facing the front of the property, it’s best to highlight the main door and blend the other door in with the siding colors.

When people drive up to your home, they should be drawn to the front door. So choosing a stain or paint color that pops is a great idea for this particular door. Try something modern like terra cotta, red mahogany, sunflower, turquoise, or even black forest. Just don’t be too matchy with the exterior trim and other wood surfaces or the front door will blend in.

Staining & Refinishing Garages

Whether it’s just a wooden garage door or the siding and door of a detached garage, staining and refinishing can renew the curb appeal of this exterior area. Ask your San Diego painting contractor to help you choose a finish that looks great with the front door. These pops of contrast against the home siding can really add depth and interest to the exterior design of your home.

If you have questions or need a professional San Diego painting contractor for Wood Staining & Refinishing service, call the experts at Maverick Painting at 760-274-3373 or complete our online request form.